Boudoir: How to Model Lingerie

When you’re modeling lingerie there are few essentials you should make sure to include in your model bag. The first thing I bring are nipple covers not because they’re necessarily needed But because I’m gonna feel more comfortable on the off chance something slips off my shoulder and more comfortable I feel the sexier and better the photos are going to be. The second thing I’m sure to include is a razor because on the last few shoots I’ve been doing I’ve forgotten to shave my armpits and on another I didn’t know my legs were included. And it’s just better off to be safe than sorry because you would hate to volunteer your time if you’re developing a portfolio and then not get the best photos that you possibly could get.

The last thing is lotion for Lingerie. You want your skin to look extremely healthy and soft and silky and then depending on where the light is you might get a beautiful sheen down your legs. So that’s what I’d be sure to have on me at all times But since I’m a tomboy and this is not a real photoshoot. It’s just video… I’ve got nothing so you can see everything if I didn’t take care of myself and my dry dry skin. Deciding what to wear for a lingerie shoot? can be a little difficult depending on who you’re trying to reach out to Just the same as there’s a difference between glamour and fashion it can also be represented in what you are wearing. So it’s a typical thing that I would feel comfortable wearing for a shoot would be something like this: Now this is what makes me feel most sexy, so that’s where I’ve been started on a photoshoot if you bring a couple other options then you can work your way up to there and for another selection Okay, this is a little less traditional than your classic lingerie, but I feel sexy in it It’s what makes me feel comfortable, and it gets me a little side boob, something to torque on, something of play with and what you want to make sure is that if you are doing a photo shoot or tried to print that you are comfortable and that it is a fair compromise between what the photographer wants and the model wants.

So now that I’ve shown you a couple variations of what I might select. I’ll get into something a little more traditional for the editorial poses in lingerie. Mmm, lace… my favorite. This is more classic, but what makes it editorial? Is that it’s geared towards women because it’s not overtly sexy. I’m not pushing up my bitties It’s not ripping through my bumhole So you know this is what I feel comfortable in the first half the videos going to be Okay, interesting fact because I’m an insecure little girl, the first thing I’m going to do when I walk into a set like this is to try to cover my tummy.

You know not to try to get everybody else to adapt my insecurities, but it gave me a good starting point on where to start the sequence. If you were doing a men’s magazine you’d be popping up your booty Create this S Curve and then making a lot of eye contact but when it’s geared towards women When it’s more editorial you don’t necessarily need that eye contact Because they’re looking at the product not the model, so I flattened this down more try to create a flat little butt But just easy for me Not little- but flat.

😛 Then no eye contact. This would be pose one could flip it over simple eye contact – 2 You can go up into the sphynx. 3 you know something extreme. 4 Get into a seated position Doing this backwards for camera if You were doing it for the men’s magazine the glamour you pop your breasts out? But I like to think of editorial as more broken down fashion, kind of a lazy in the head. I’d break it down into something like this 5 Extend your leg out to create long limbs 6 and If I put my foot a little bit more towards the camera whatever is closer to the camera is gonna look larger, so try to elongate your legs – away.

Nobody wants a big giant foot! Go back to sitting something casual for 7 If you’re gonna Lean back, so I’m angling my body. You’re gonna want to make sure that your thigh is not flat on the ground like this. For 8 this would be good But what would be better? is this. and then you can do some sitting up ones. I’m kind of scared that the camera is going to cut me off so rather I’ll prop myself up I’m Gonna just squat nine ten very simple how to model lingerie for editorial poses.

Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter U for Unmentionables be advised Jill Billingsley is a professional model and is not responsible for amateur photos, messy apartments, lost or stolen underwears and or other unmentionables or awkward roommates intentions while filming lingerie scenes in their bedrooms Click the link below to purchase her.

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